Connecticut Emissions Testing

Part of caring for your vehicle and complying with Connecticut law is periodically having emissions testing done. Emissions testing is a standard practice in Connecticut and throughout the United States. It helps determine the environmental efficiency of your vehicle and makes sure that fuel is not being wasted. It also monitors the pollution that vehicles put out. Emissions testing is necessary every two years in Connecticut. Learn more about how to get your vehicle tested on this page.

What is Emissions Testing?

Almost 1.3 million motor vehicles have their emissions tested in Connecticut each year. Within our state, there are over 200 service facilities that can test emissions. Emissions will test the pollutants that your motor vehicle puts out into the air. In order to pass the emissions test, your vehicle has to be below a certain threshold. If it is not, it needs to be repaired before it can properly pass emissions testing. The purpose of emissions testing is to monitor and improve air quality. Our state has to meet the regulations imposed by the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Getting Your Vehicle Tested

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of testing facilities in the state of Connecticut. There are two types of testing facilities. The first is full service, and the second is full service for vehicles that are not diesel fuel vehicles that are from 1996 or before. Certified facilities will have a sign posted letting you know that you can have emissions tested at their location. This sign will also have an official test center number for your reference. Such locations also have special parking and waiting areas for emissions testing. These facilities are open from 8-5 on each weekday and 8-1 on Saturdays. Some locations may have additional hours, which you can look up online or learn about by calling the facility. You can drive up for your emissions testing or, some locations allow you to make an appointment to ensure that you are seen.

There is a fee of $20 to have your emissions tested. Facilities accept cash as a form of payment, and some may take credit cards or checks. If you have questions about payment, contact the facility that you want to visit.

Failing the Emissions Test

If your motor vehicle fails testing, it means that the vehicle exceeds emissions standards for its make, model, and year. It is your responsibility to have it repaired and retested. This must be done within 60 days of the initial test that you took.  There are certified emissions repair facilities that you can take your vehicle to, or you can do the repairs yourself. It is easiest to have the vehicle repaired at a certified emissions test facility that employs certified emissions repair technicians. If you have your vehicle repaired at a certified facility, you can be eligible for a cost waiver.

If you fail a second test, you could be eligible for a cost waiver. Agains, this is only the case if the repairs take place at a certified emissions test facility.

Get Help

If you are having difficulties with your vehicle and you cannot pass emissions, contact us for further information. We can provide resources to help. For any other motor vehicle issues, give us a call.

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