Resources for Parents of New Drivers

If you have a new, teenage driver who is getting ready to start driving or who has already started driving, you are probably nervous and feel unprepared. If you are feeling this way, check out a list of resources that may answer some questions and give you some ease as your teenager is beginning this phase of life.

Good Resources for Parents

Insurance Information Institute – This website has information on auto insurance and gives you answers to what auto insurance does and how it works. This site allows you to create your own account, and offers articles and presentations on the insurance industry, types of insurance, and other sources that you can use.

National Insurance Crime Bureau – This website offers information of the rankings of the most frequently stolen vehicles. The National Insurance Crime Bureau works with companies, consumers, and law enforcement to fight against fraud and theft. This site also has news releases, reports, and statistics on auto theft. This website may be helpful in narrowing your search of cars for your teenager.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – This website has information on crash test results and rollover rates. There are ratings, recalls, risky driving, road safety, equipment, and technology information that you can take a look at before purchasing a vehicle.

Connecticut DMV – The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles website is the site to go for scheduling learner’s permit and driver’s license tests, renewing licenses, registering to vote, changing your address, registering your vehicle, and answering questions about all of these topics. We have all had to use this website at one point or another, but you may want to re-familiarize yourself with it as you will have to use it heavily when you have a new driver in the home.

AAA – This website has information specifically for teen drivers, and gives state-by-state provisions for teen drivers. There is a parent-teen agreement, licensing process, driver education information, and helpful information on getting a driver’s license. This website also has the latest in teen driving research, overview on state laws, and insurance requirements.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety – This website offers information on driver behavior and performance, emerging technologies, roadway systems and drivers, and vulnerable road users. There are also multiple studies published to the site on driving, accidents, impaired driving, and more.

Getting Help

For more sources and information on new drivers and parents of new drivers, visit and reach out to our office if your teenager has received a traffic violation or has been in a car accident.

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