Connecticut Motor Vehicle Accidents and Document Integrity

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Connecticut, and someone else accuses you of injuring them as a result of the accident, document integrity could come into play in your case. Common situations where this might occur is if you are charged with DUI and this caused an accident, or if you are charged with assault with a motor vehicle. In these cases, another party may claim that the accident led to injuries. These injuries may be a factor in your criminal proceedings, or they may come into play if the alleged victim decides to file a personal injury lawsuit against you. You can learn more about document integrity on this page.

What is Document Integrity?

Document integrity is a crucial part of the healthcare industry. It helps doctors and other medical professionals keep detailed, clear, and accurate records of patients’ injuries and illnesses. Improperly maintained records or poorly written documents can lead to many different types of issues. For one, it could lead to malpractice for the healthcare professionals themselves. But more important to your situation, medical records may be used as evidence in cases where an injury is in question. Proper maintenance of documents is critical for such investigation. At every stage in a criminal or civil case, precise and well-kept documents are necessary.

If you are accused of a motor vehicle violation in Connecticut that resulted in an accident, document integrity could come into play in your case. If medical records are poorly maintained, this could call into question the injuries that another party claims to have sustained in a DUI accident.

Document Integrity and Discovery

Written interrogatories are one of the first steps in the discovery phase of criminal or civil proceedings. This includes a series of questions that must be answered accurately. A case can rely on these interrogations, so it is important that accurate medical documents are available. If a healthcare professional is unable to answer questions fully, this could affect the case.

Another phase of discovery includes requests for information and documents such as medical records, prescriptions, laboratory reports, and more. Without being able to provide the requested information, the case could get a lot messier and more complicated. It will be difficult to determine the extent of the injuries or if they even occurred.

During the discovery phase of this situation, depositions also might take place. Depositions are when one party in a case gets to question another party or a witness on their knowledge of the medical professional, their profession, and other relevant information to the case. Before any deposition, the defendant will want to be as prepared as possible for answering these questions on the record. Having documents and paperwork to go over beforehand will allow the defendant to be much more prepared.

Getting Help

In some situations, motor vehicle violations could result in accidents that harm others. However, to determine if harm was done and if compensation is necessary, the alleged victim needs to produce accurate medical documents. If this cannot be done, the documents’ integrity will be called into question and it could impact the case. To learn more about how document integrity might impact your legal situation, contact our office. We are happy to help.

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