What a Commercial Driver Needs to Do During an Inspection

Commercial driving is an integral part of the economy as it allows large amounts of food, products, and materials to be transferred throughout the country. If you are a commercial driver, then driving is a huge part of your life. Not only do you spend many hours on the road, but driving is also your livelihood. Violations of driving laws can affect your commercial driver’s license and your ability to do your job. So, complying with all driving laws related to commercial vehicles is very important. Here is guide on what to do when when you are stopped at a weigh station for an inspection.Complying with and passing the inspection will ensure that you can continue doing your job.

Weigh Stations and Inspectors

Trucks must stop at all weigh stations they pass while driving. A Motor Carrier Inspector can stop your truck or inspect your truck. When stopped, you must provide your driver’s license, medical examiner’s certificate or medical waiver if applicable, logbook, trip receipts, manifest of shipping and delivery, vehicle registration, and annual inspections.

Your truck will be weighed with a fixed or portable scale, the diesel gas may be checked, and the exhaust may be sampled for compliance with all standards. The Connecticut size and weight laws for trucks can be found in the DMV Motor Carrier Handbook. The inspector will check for defects and make sure that the truck’s shipment does not contain any hazardous materials. As the driver, you may be issued fines for violations that are found.

The inspector will also check your log book for off-duty and driving hours. Under Connecticut and Federal law, you cannot drive for more than 11 consecutive hours following 10 consecutive hours off duty. You also cannot drive after being on duty for 14 consecutive hours after 10 consecutive hours off-duty. You may be issued a violation for not having a log book on you or for not complying with the standards for duty.

Consequences for Failing Inspection

If fines were assessed, they may either issue you a ticket on the spot, or mail a summons or infraction to your company. If you are issued a ticket, your company may have to pay a fine, or choose to fight the ticket in court. If you have a commercial driver’s license and you have received a traffic ticket, contact Mr. Speeding Ticket to speak with someone who can assist you and answer any questions you may have. We have helped truck drivers before, and are happy to help you with your situation.

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