Getting a Speeding Ticket in New York

Speeding is sometimes intentional, but it can also be a result of a lapse of judgement. It’s important to remember that all your actions have consequences and you are responsible for anything that happens while you are behind the wheel. Even if it was a mistake, you could be charged with a speeding ticket. If you are driving in the state of New York, you face consequences for a speeding ticket. Learn more here if you are caught speeding in New York. 

Consequences of Speeding 

Depending on how much over the speed limit you were driving, the fines can vary. 

  • Less than 10 mph over the limit = $90-150 fine 
  • 11-30 mph over the limit = $90-300 fine 
  • Over 31 mph over the limit = $360-600

These fines correspond to a first time speeding ticket. For a subsequent ticket, these fines will increase. 

There are a few additional fines that are added to these charges. If this is a first offense, a $93 fine is set in place for a town or village court. Regarding a city court, it will be an $88 fine. 

A judge in New York can order a jail sentence for 30 days depending on the speeding violations, but this practice is uncommon. You probably won’t face jail time if you get a speeding ticket or similar motor vehicle violation in New York. If the ticket is severe, a suspension or revocation of your license could occur too. The higher the speeding ticket is, the more likely your insurance is to raise the rates. It’s especially important to remember that these violations can follow you into the future. It might not affect you in the moment but jail sentences or revocation of a license gets people’s attention. 

Driver License Points 

In addition to the fines that the speeding ticket requires, you can also face points on your license. The higher the speeding ticket is, the more points that can be added to your license. In New York, there is a program that helps eliminate or reduce the number of points that you might have been given. The New York Safety Council’s Online Defensive Driving Course makes a difference when facing all the charges and fines during court. 

Contact our office for additional information regarding speeding tickets in the different states. These tickets can easily add up to more than you expected and a motor vehicle violation attorney could help with your situation. We are happy to put you in touch with the right attorney for your New York speeding ticket.

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