Getting a Speeding Ticket in Mississippi

Any time you drive, you run the risk of committing a traffic offense. This could happen when driving in Mississippi. If you get a speeding ticket in Mississippi, this information can help you figure out what to do next. Mississippi Speeding Ticket There is no set fine in the state of Mississippi for speeding. Instead, […]

Connecticut Weigh Stations – Information and Locations

The state of Connecticut has established weight limits for trucks that drive on the highway. These limits relate to the size, length, and weight of trucks. Tractor trailers and similar vehicles that drive on roads need to follow these laws. These laws exist to keep the roads safe and protect other drivers. Huge trucks that break […]

What is the Connecticut Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation Program?

Most motor vehicle violations carry minor penalties. In most cases, you’re looking at a fine and points getting taken from your driver’s license. You also face a short suspension of your driver’s license. While these types of penalties are inconvenient, they are not always serious. But, some motor vehicle violations carry a jail sentence as a potential punishment. […]

Getting A Speeding Ticket In Louisiana – Charges, Penalties, and More

Getting a speeding ticket in Louisiana can be difficult, especially if you live in another state. Louisiana’s speeding ticket procedure is different than the one in most other states. So, if you get a speeding ticket here, you need specific information on Louisiana’s laws and procedure. You can get this information in this article. Speeding […]