James Ruane

Getting a Speeding Ticket in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a small state with similar speeding laws to the states around it. The basic speeding laws of the state declare that all people should obey the speed limits unless conditions have interfered with driving abilities. If you got a speeding ticket while driving in Rhode Island, it is important to understand what […]

Getting a Speeding Ticket in Ohio

Oregon follows the same speeding ticket laws as most other states. The basic speeding law and absolute speed limits are the primary speeding laws the state follows. If you recently got a speeding ticket in Oregon, read on for some important information. Absolute Speed Limits and Posted Speed Limits Oregon uses something called “absolute speeding […]

Getting a Speeding Ticket in North Dakota

North Dakota speeding laws are similar to those of other neighboring states. The basic speeding law and absolute speed limits are similar to all others. If you are driving over the speed limit, you are breaking the basic speeding law. Where there are signs posted, you must obey those speed limits. Consequences of Speeding Tickets […]

Top 10 Distractions While Driving and How To Avoid Them

We all have distractions in the car that take away our full attention from the road. With recent laws that don’t allow drivers to be on their phones, there are still other distractions that can lead to fatal or injurious accidents on the road. Here are ten distractions that drivers find most common while driving. […]