James Ruane

Right Of Emergency Vehicles Law in Connecticut

A Connecticut emergency vehicle has the right of way over all other vehicles on the road. This is the case when an emergency vehicle is responding to an emergency. Learn more about right of emergency vehicles here. You can also learn about the consequences you face for obstructing emergency vehicles. Emergency Vehicle Priority When emergency vehicles respond to an […]

Failure To Keep To The Right On Curve Or Upgrade Charge in Connecticut

In certain situations when driving, it is important to keep your vehicle to the right of the road. This can prevent accidents and increase the safety of the roads. Connecticut General Statute Section 14-235 outlines the law on failure to keep to the right on grades, highways, and in other situations. In this article, you […]

Improper Passing and Failure To Yield in Connecticut

When you are driving on the road, there are certain times when it is acceptable to pass another vehicle, and certain times when this action can be dangerous. On the other hand, if another vehicle is trying to pass yours, there are situations when you need to yield to the other driver. Connecticut General Statute […]

Overweight Trucks

If you do not comply with Connecticut’s truck weight laws, you face a fine and the possibility of other penalties. On this page, you can find information about how the fine system works for overweight trucks and other potential crimes and penalties you might face. Fine Schedule The overweight truck fine system works based on the […]

Failure To Drive Reasonable Distance Apart, Intent To Harass

There are many different motor vehicle violations that carry  point assessments. If found guilty of certain motor vehicle violations, this could happen to you. You don’t want to have any points assessed against your driver’s license. If you accumulate 10 or more points, your license will be suspended by the DMV. Failure to drive a reasonable […]

Wagering, Speed Record Statutes and Penalties in Connecticut

Section 14-224 of Connecticut’s General Statutes deals with evasion of responsibility and racing. Here, you can learn about this statute and what it means for you as a driver. Also, you can learn about consequences of this infraction. I will talk about speeding and wagering on speeding in this article. This information can help you understand […]

Operation of School Bus at Excessive Speed in Connecticut

School bus drivers have important and serious jobs. It is their responsibility to keep dozens of children safe at a time. Endangering the lives of these children is a serious offense in the State of Connecticut. This is why many motor vehicle violations carry more serious penalties for school buses. Connecticut Statute Section 14-281a explains the […]

Negligent Homicide With A Motor Vehicle

One serious motor vehicle violation is negligent homicide with a motor vehicle. If charged with this crime, it is important to understand the law. This can help defend yourself against this accusation. For more information on negligent homicide with a motor vehicle, read on. A conviction of negligent homicide with a motor vehicle is complicated. For a conviction, the […]

Motor Vehicle Violations And Prescription Medication

If you have prescription medication from a doctor, you probably don’t worry about the medication. You might assume that you can just take this medication and continue with your normal routine. But, a prescription doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. Having a prescription doesn’t mean that certain medications will not affect on your body. […]